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C&G were requested to tender for the complete electrical package at a 5* luxury hotel in Mayfair. The basement kitchen was to be converted from gas cooking to an all-electric cookline. The scope of works was to completely dilapidate the cookline, prep, dishwash and pastry areas & re-fit/re-wire the whole facility, as the existing distribution system would not have supported the proposed equipment.

C&G were asked to propose a reorganisation of the distribution circuits to accommodate the increased load for the all-electric layout, this required a full survey of the as-installed distribution circuits and required the installation of 3# new distribution boards as a working hotel. The prospect of shutting down any part of the building was not an option. This potential problem was overcome by working through the night in customer sensitive areas, completing all noisy works as agreed, with the hotel management and completing all installation works, out of hours.

The operation of the hotel was not compromised, and the hotel received no customer complaints during our works.

The programme of 10 weeks, was going to mean the full cooperation and organisation of all the trades & was paramount to the successful completion of the project. C&G have worked alongside and with most of the catering refurbishment main contractors in the UK, and have built up a firm knowledge and understanding of the reactive nature of this work. This project was completed within the programme and allocated budget. The kitchen was opened as per the programme with zero snagging, resulting in a very happy end client.


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