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Upon arrival the grandeur of the property was apparent.

-We were originally called in by a construction company who were carrying out some landscaping at the property and were asked to isolate/make safe some supplies that were feeding some exterior lighting within a flower bed.

-To safely isolate the supplies, we would have to access the fuse board to disconnect which would mean entering the property.

-As we met with the client, we were informed that the landscaping works were a small part of what would be a major refurbishment, a complete strip back to the brickwork and complete re-model.

-I presume that from that first meeting we made a good impression as we were then contacted to be involved in the complete project and are still carrying out further works to this day.

-From that day until now we have been providing a complete service, including a full rewire, supplying and installing some complex designs working very closely with our client to achieve a very high level of bespoke finish for the interior and exterior with some very intricate components from all areas of the industry.

-The project was completed in 3 phases to minimise the time the client’s life would be disrupted for. This led to a complex design of the distribution of electrical services to ensure when the following phases were completed that integration with previous works was seamless.

-The client required an installation that was very simple to operate, very classic in accessory appearance, but very user friendly and with very little to maintain. We installed very reliable components that we have used for many years which results in no comebacks or callouts and an installation that simply………works.

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