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The client requested the installation of a 300 amp sub main, switch gear and final connections, installed from an intake kiosk, across a carriage way and through a loft void to mains room located 80 meters from the intake,

The need for the new sub main was to supply a new chiller unit due to be installed to allow increased throughput for a packing unit for a soft fruit farm.

The issues to be overcome:

Maintaining traffic across the carriage way


Civil works were completed over the weekend and were finished by Monday morning

Installing the steel wired armoured cable through the loft void.

This was a challenging cable draw that could only be resolved by man-power so the full team was drafted in to manually pull the cable through the building

liaising with the chiller suppliers and craneage contractors installing the chiller unit to ensure the production in the packing shed was uninterrupted.

C&G were happy to take on the role of project manager and work with all the parties to achieve the installation of the chiller ready for the summer fruit season.

The packing unit operates all year and has a reduced through put for a limited time and the project had to be completed within this narrow window.

C&G booked all the contractors and equipment in advanced and maintained constant contact with all parties to ensure that the project was completed on time and within budget.

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